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The Fastest way to solve the hardest problems
  • 'SprintEngine' -Role-based ExO Sprint Process Engine 

  • 'CoachMe' - Live Virtual Coaching of Sprint Teams

  • 'MentorMe' -Live Virtual Mentoring of Coach Teams


You are the Astronaut doing the Space walk -we are Mission Control.

We are ready when you need us.

Until them, enjoy your walk.

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The SprintEngine is the role-based, automated Sprint Management Platform you should try in your next ExO Sprint.

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Automated Online Sprint Processes & Collaboration Tools, Role-Based Worksflows

Be a Sprinthero In Your Sales Process And In Your Delivery -We Are Part of Your Team

Live Online Training & Co-design of Workshop- & Sprint Activities for Members



-A few of the key people behind Sprinthero:

Lars Lin
Founder, Trainer, Sprinthero

Ann Reilly

Sales, Trainer, Sprinthero

Kim Arazi
Events, Sprinthero

Li Lin
Operations, Sprinthero

We are a small but highly specialised core team with years of hands-on experience from transformation of organizations, rapid validation of business initiatives, founding of new, scalable businesses and we are always hungry to deliver high-impact sprints to your organization to achieve whatever outcome that is important for you.

We help you sell Sprints of all types and deliver them for maximum impact. We are highly specialised in 'Exponential Organizations' but support also Google Design Sprints and other type of short, intense processes.

Let us know any resources you are looking for that you are not finding in our site.

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