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Be a Sprinthero

Sprint /sprɪnt/ : "a set, time-boxed period during which specific tasks must be completed."

Hero /ˈhɪərəʊ/: "YOU, getting your team to the desired accomplishments"​​

Guiding Principles for Your Next Sprints

For many organizations, some of the best outcome from Sprints are actually....

  • Inspiring creativity and boldness
  • Thinking beyond the existing organization
  • Working in collaboration across hierarchy and function
  • Embracing speed, feedback, experimentation, constant learning and new methods
  • Respecting everyone's ideas. Every ideas has the potential to be a good one
  • Understanding that failure and frustration is part of the process
  • Using new tools to communicate and being open to new patterns of working together
  • Understanding that "failure" holds valuable learning
  • Being okay with sharing and seeing prototypes and MVP's -by definition, they're flawed and unrefined
  • Challenging personal boundaries
  • Allowing yourself to be uncomfortable

Practice important new ways of working

Transformation Sprints introduce a different process, one that will likely be new to your organization. 

Creating the mindset to thrive in the midst of change requires commitment to the following principles.