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Capability Building

Preparing your organizational capabilities for a rapidly accelerating world? Contact us for a roadmap for any size of organization, in any industry.

Transforming Organizational

Starting with each individual mind. It is hard to implement new business models and change culture without changing mindset first. We help you every step of the way.

Autonomous Team- & Community Building

Start transitioning towards more autonomous teams in your organization, and/or hire Black-Ops teams that operate autonomously outside of your company. 

Eat Your Technology Broccoli Every Day

Your teams must have a good, and improving sense of exponential technologies in the context of your business focus and your strategy for the coming years.

Sprint /sprɪnt/ : "a set, time-boxed period during which specific tasks must be completed."
Hero /ˈhɪərəʊ/: "YOU, getting your team to the accomplishments"

​There is a Sprint for any desired outcome -or we will design one for you!

Configure Your Sprint for

Mindset change
Building Internal Capabilities
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Mindset change

The key to change is in the mindset.

Mindset of teams and organizations must change first before any major changes to business models, culture or other high-impact change can be accomplished successfully.

Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it...


Awaken your organization. The future is already here

Is your leadership and the rest of your organization aware of the disruption that is changing your industry and market rapidly?

If you have a few hours or even better -a few days- to "awaken" your teams, then we have the Workshops and Sprints to make it happen.

One of our experienced Sprinthero's can help you design your Awakening event. This 4:30 mins "mini-Awake" shows you some of what you may want to include in your own awakening session.

Meet Salim Ismail

Building Internal Capabilities

Build new internal capabilies and skills

Operate as a Startup (possibly with the muscle of a Corporate too if you are one). Turn everyone in your teams into an ExO "Swiss Army Knife" of 21st century skills.

What Internal Capabilities are you hoping to build in your organization?


Get certified​

Complete the Sprint as ExO Training and be awarded an ExO Alumni certificate that reflects your readiness to be a Transformation Agent.

OpenExO.com is offering ExO Certifications such as ExO Foundation and ExO Consultant.  Once you become a certified ExO Coach, you are work on Sprinthero.com as a Coach. See the ExO Coach Arena training program offered by Sprinthero.com.

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