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Configure a Sprint for a Particular Outcome

Organizations run Sprints for many different reasons. What is Your reason?

What do you wish to accomplish during Your Sprint process?

Mindset Change

Mindset of teams and organizations must change first before any major changes to business models, culture or other high-impact change can be accomplished successfully.


Is your leadership and the rest of your organization aware of the disruption that is changing your industry and market rapidly?

If you have a few hours or even better -a few days- to "awaken" your teams, then we have the Workshops and Sprints to make it happen.

One of our experienced Sprinthero's can help you design your Awakening event but this 4:30 mins "mini-Awake" shows you some of what you may want to include in your own.

Building Internal Capabilities

Operate as a Startup (possibly with the muscle of a Corporate too if you are one). Turn everyone in your teams into an ExO "Swiss Army Knife" of 21st century skills.

What Internal Capabilities are you hoping to build in your organization?


Complete the Sprint as ExO Training and be awarded an ExO Alumni certificate that reflects your readiness to be a Transformation Agent.

 Advanced training offered for Certified ExO Coaches.

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What is an ExO Sprint?
Who We Are ?

About Sprinthero

The Sprinthero is YOU, but it is also a group of ExO Certified Coaches who are ready to support you on your next Sprint. We are keen to make every Sprint have the optimal impact in every type of organization and we are here to support YOU in being the Sprinthero in your team.

  • Experienced Sprint Coaches and Mentors Worldwide
  • Sprint Playbooks, Tools & Content Prepared for You, Based on Your Desired Sprint Outcome & Impact
  • Documented Results from Proven Methodologies
  • Extensive portfolio of Sprints and Workshops Delivered since 2016

​Sprinthero Help Center: Our expert Sprinthero team is available 24 Hours 7 days a week, 365 days a year to attend to your Sprint challenges, promptly and competently! 






Years Experience

Upcoming Training Programs

ExO Coach Companion 

The ExO Coach Companion is an advanced training program for Certified ExO Coaches (completed certification is required to get admitted to this program).

Based on real-life ExO Sprint cases and interventions, you are being mentored through the preparations for an ExO Sprint, through the Awake workshop, Align, Disrupt & Launch workshops and each of the 10 Sprint phases. We will role-play to find the best possible Coaching approaches, models and frameworks for various challenging situations you are likely to face when working as an ExO Coach during an ExO Sprint.

When completing this program, you receive the digital ExO Coach Companion Certification and life-long access to the ExO Coach Companion Resources section here on sprinthero.com. 

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Popular Content

Pitch Prep

The Disrupt Workshop half-way through the ExO Sprint is one of the most transformative experiences for most Sprint participants -and the initiatives they pitch. Are you preparing to pitch too?

A free Sprinthero account is needed to access the material.

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Meet Digital Factory at OCP S.A.

"As we planned and started the ExO Sprint, OCP wanted to create disruptive initiatives, support local intrapreneurs, develop new ways of working and a more innovative culture.   

We had no idea of the global disruption that would impact our world, our company, our customers and our families.   

While we started with 4 ideas, we grew this to 40 ideas to save small businesses, to help farmers in Morocco as well as <country name left out>. We looked at our Core business and found ways to solve problems for our colleagues and suppliers who need to access our facilities.   

We talked to advisors in blockchain, in robotics, in payment platforms, in autonomy, in agri-tech and more. 

We were challenged and pushed and encouraged by our ExO Coaches.   

We had a North Star - our Massive Transformative Purpose: To meet the world’s population’s food demands. 

We’re solving tough problems. We found new ways of working. We have disruptive ideas.   We have a new mindset. Growth! 

We are Sprintheroes!! "

Digital Factory at OCP in Morocco use ExO Sprint methodologies in their work across OCP to solve internal organizational and business challenges but also to adapt to the accelerating change outside of the company.

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