• Sprints for any desired outcome in every type of organization.

    You will be the Sprinthero, along with the team members you bring (or work with ours). Based on the objectives, outcome and desirable future you describe, we propose the most impactful and effective process, leading to your needed outcome in the fastest way. Schedule a free 45 minute scoping session with us.
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Build Exponential
​Organizations in Sprints

Shift your focus to abundance, leave scarcity behind!

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Define Sprint ​Outcome

Define the desirable outcome you want your Sprint to deliver.

Test a new business model or adapt your existing business to a disrupted market situation.

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Pre-Sprint Preparations

Receive and follow the pre-sprint preparation checklists you receive and recruit any facilitators, Sprint coaches and others you may need.

Execute Sprint

Sprint assignment descriptions for participants, tools & supporting content as well as guidelines for Sprint Coaches,  video library for easy access to on-demand "how-to" best practices

Open Sprint Dashboard

Post-Sprint Implementation

Assess your Sprint outcome, identify gaps and create clear, actionable plans for the following implementation. Hire for the job or DIY.

Be a Sprinthero

Sprint /sprɪnt/ : "a set, time-boxed period during which specific tasks must be completed."

Hero /ˈhɪərəʊ/: "YOU, getting your team to the desired accomplishments"​​

Examples of Sprint ​Outcome

Capability Building

Get your organization or team prepared for the rapidly accelerating world, by building new capabilities or sharpening the existing ones.

  • Human Skills
  • Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Hard Skills
Which Capabilities Will You Build?

Transform Organisational Mindset

Implementing new business models or other substantial change in your organization is hard if your mindset does not change too. Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it...

  • We recommend the ExO Sprint (Exponential Organizations) to prepare your organization for radical change
What is an ExO Sprint?

Eat Your Technology Broccoli Every Day

Invite your team(s) to explore and discover what exponential technologies can do for you and your competitors right now and in the coming years. Join live or recorded sessions. Bring everyone!

Experience our weekly online Tech Broccoli sessions, they don't last any longer than it takes you to eat a meal of this wonderful vegetable, and you can bring your team!

New Business Initiatives

Ideation for Moonshots or Mining in your backlog, as you please. Looking for innovation opportunities, look no further!

Community & Ecosystem Building

Ever heard of a successful organization that was not surrounded by a supporting community? Build your "Virtual Community-of-Practice", here is how it's done.

Building ExO Community

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Tell us what you wish to accomplish in a Sprint and we can review the most relevant processes together with you in a 30 minute call.

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Guiding Principles for Your Next Sprints

For many organizations, some of the best outcome from Sprints are actually....

  • Inspiring creativity and boldness
  • Thinking beyond the existing organization
  • Working in collaboration across hierarchy and function
  • Embracing speed, feedback, experimentation, constant learning and new methods
  • Respecting everyone's ideas. Every ideas has the potential to be a good one
  • Understanding that failure and frustration is part of the process
  • Using new tools to communicate and being open to new patterns of working together
  • Understanding that "failure" holds valuable learning
  • Being okay with sharing and seeing prototypes and MVP's -by definition, they're flawed and unrefined
  • Challenging personal boundaries
  • Allowing yourself to be uncomfortable

Practice important new ways of working

Transformation Sprints introduce a different process, one that will likely be new to your organization. 

Creating the mindset to thrive in the midst of change requires commitment to the following principles.