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    The survey below is for ExO Coaches and Consultants, who are interested in gathering data for creating new transformation offerings -or improving existing ones. When you submit a survey, you will get instant access to the results of the survey. 

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ExO Coach Certification Survey -Oct 2020
Sprint Outcome Desired
How you prefer to work as a Consultant or Coach
ExO Coach Certification Survey -Oct 2020

Survey for ExO Coaches Sep-Oct 2020

As Certified ExO Coaches in the OpenExO community, we all want to transform the world for a better future. Sprinthero has asked certified ExO Coachesin our network why you got certified, how you like to work and how you are (or aren’t) leveraging your certification. Our goal is to understand how we can work together as ExO Certified Coaches to generate more opportunities for the community.   The results of this survey is shared below on this page.

The survey was announced and started Sep 25. It closed for submissions on Oct 12 (original deadline was 1.October 2020). The deadline was extended to accept more entries to achieve n="50." We achieved n="49.

Thanks for your participation!
Ann Reilly and Lars Lin, Team Sprinthero

I got my ExO Coach certification because I wanted to

Since I got my ExO Coach Certification

Number of Sprints as Coach

Challenges in selling ExO Sprints

Other activities you promote

Sprint Outcome Desired
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How you prefer to work as a Consultant or Coach

How do you currently work?

Multi-company Sprint

How do you wish to work?