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About Sprinthero

The Sprinthero is YOU, but it is also a a diverse network of highly experienced ExO Certified Coaches who are ready to support you and your organization on your next Sprint. 

We are keen to make every Sprint have the optimal impact in every type of organization and we are here to support YOU in being the Sprinthero in your team.

  • Experienced Sprint Coaches and Mentors Worldwide
  • Sprint Playbooks, Tools & Content Prepared for You, Based on Your Desired Sprint Outcome & Impact
  • Documented Results from Proven Methodologies
  • Extensive portfolio of Sprints and Workshops Delivered since 2016
  • All of this is what we need ourselves every day when moving through innovation project cycles with clients. This site has been created to make everything available to you.

‚ÄčSprinthero Help Center: Our expert Sprinthero team is available 24 Hours 7 days a week, 365 days a year to attend to your Sprint challenges, promptly and competently! 

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Years Experience

Our Vision and Mission

It should never be hard to find relevant team exercises, guidelines for any particular innovation activity or getting live, instant advice for you and your organization.

Technology is making it easy to connect you and your team with the right people and resources when you need it. That is what Sprinthero.com is here to do!

Our History

Lars Lin, an experienced Transformation Coach and serial social impact entrepreneur with corporate business and technology background had been facilitating design Sprints and other agile team activities when he came across the book 'Exponential Organizations'. He started building Exponential Organizations and was soon after hired to join the first ever ExO Sprint together with the core team at ExO Works. The rest is history as they say... Lars and his network has been designing, configuring and facilitating all types of Sprints for most type of organizations since 2015.

Now, you can be the Sprinthero too and get your hands on the best-practices and the latest version of tools and guidelines for your next Sprint.

What is an ExO Sprint?

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