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I look forward to working with you, Sprinthero!

Thank you very much for your interest in partnering up with Sprinthero and the communities that are an integral part of us, such as Educatefor.Life.


I am Lars, an ExO Head Coach, Coach Trainer, Mentor with 15+ years of entrepreneurial experience and leadership + engineering background and the Founder and Director of Sprinthero.


Some of my entrepreneurial results are Sprinthero and Educatefor.Life. I have been part of the founding team of both ExO Works and OpenExo overseeing large transformation projects globally and have many years of experience also from leadership-, commercial and technical roles from Fortune500's and several SME's!

In the past years, I personally coached hundreds of business leaders, entrepreneurs, team members and other amazing people from all types of organizations and at all levels in the ExO mindset, transformation processes, lean- & agile methodologies.

I look forward to be working with you and your organization on projects you choose to partner on with Sprinthero.

Lars Lin, Sprinthero

Sprinthero has contributed to the succesful delivery of ExO Sprints since 2016, directly with Sprinthero clients and also for ExO Works, OpenExO, Fastrack Institute & other valued partners
-We look forward to work with you too! 


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We are Excited to Deliver Full Access to Sprint Helpdesk & Live Mentoring for Organizations You Refer to Sprinthero:

Get help on team composition, review of CV's, planning the communication about the Sprint...

Pre-Sprint Preparations

“How do we best select Sprint participants for our company Sprint, given what we want to accomplish?” 

Examples of Awesome Companies That Were Coached by Lars
Boston Scientific
Lars Lin was advisor to the Sprint teams going through an ExO Works Sprint. Exciting domain, the medical devices industry
Bitdefender Teams
Bitfender preparing for a future, where not only our devices need cyber protection. Our biological bodies and everything else are subject to attacks as well with 5G and IoT everywhere
Coteminas Brazil
Coteminas (Sprints Global US) is a market leading textile manufacturer in Brazil. Lars head coached them through a 10-week ExO Sprint for ExO Works -mostly in Portuguese
First ExO Sprint in Asia
Ananda Development, Dusit-Thani Group and Sasin Business School (all in Thailand) completed in Dec 2019 the first ever ExO Works Sprint in Asia. Lars Lin head coached the large coach team and the 5 Sprint teams through the 10-week transformation Sprint
DTF 2019
Design Thinking Forum, Bucharest 2019: How Design Thinking and Transformation can go hand-in-hand
Entrepreneurial Learning Programs
Entrepreneurship Academy, Romania
Nordic AI
Nordic AI Design Sprint to create new ideas for getting legal access to public datasets for AI in Nordic organizations
Power of Sprints
TD Ameritrade, USA. 10-week ExO Sprints for ExO Works
Sareb, Spain
Sareb, Spain. 10-week ExO Sprint
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Boston Scientific

Lars Lin was advisor to the Sprint teams going through an ExO Works Sprint. Exciting domain, the medical devices industry

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