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The Process for Creating Better Futures
Rather than wait around for strong forces and macro trends to disrupt our current lives and whirl us into an unknown future, why don't we choose to step up, assume leadership and responsibility of designing better futures for us all? It's an option that is on the table for each and every one of us.
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Airbnb: The Peer-To-Peer Travel Platform
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Let's break down the different types of business models. There are a variety of types of business models — and they all can be customized or changed based on the specific company or industry — doing so is often referred to as creating a disruptive business model.
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Exponential Reading List -or How to Kill Time Until Singularity Gets Here
With the risk of not “managing abundance” and missing out on existing reading lists, here is an open list of favourite reading for Exponential thinkers & do’ers.
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