Exponential Reading List -or How to Kill Time Until Singularity Gets Here

11.03.21 11:04 AM By Lars Lin Villebaek

With the risk of not “managing abundance” and missing out on existing reading lists, here is an open list of favourite reading for Exponential thinkers & do’ers.

The list is open for everyone to collaborate on (Google Sheet). Please do add inspirational literature, blogs, films etc. that you consider relevant for your Exponential Mindset and for Ours.

Happy reading -and collaboration! Click the below link to access the list:

“How to Kill Time Until Singularity Gets Here”

Open Book List

Note: the list was started in October 2017 and it contains literature you may find outdated. We are currently updating it, hopefully with your help. You can find the original 2017 article in Medium here.