Moonshot Ideation Exercise

01.02.21 11:09 AM By Lars Lin Villebaek

Moonshot Ideation Exercise

This video (23 minutes) is a facilitated exercise, that can help you if you are in need of doing "Moonshot ideation", coming up with 10x ideas to big challenges you are facing in your business or in society.

The exercise assumes: 

1. You bring a challenge or problem definition into the exercise 


2. You have a Massive Transformative Purpose defined, at least in a draft version.

"Science fiction is now science fact", so your moonshot ideas may not be as crazy as some think...

The ideation exercise can be used to create different new ideas to solve your challenge OR can be used to sketch different use cases on the same general idea if you have an idea already.

This session leverages a Moonshot Blueprint from Singularity University as well as elements such as How Might We questions and Crazy-8 from the Google Ventures Design Sprint among other tools and frameworks. What you need to bring is pen/paper (or your favourite digital creative drawing/sketching tool) and 23 minutes of uninterrupted time. The latter is the hardest to find -but important!

Hit play when you are ready and let the video take you through the process.



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