New Year, New Chapter: 2023

30.12.22 11:45 PM By Lars Lin Villebaek

Happy New Year 2023

Time has again come to wish each other a Happy New Year. I am here now to do exactly that. Happy 2023 to you, your family and your business.

As the past few days of hosting, entertaining, and celebrating family birthdays have given wonderful space for reflection on this past year, which some of us call 2022, I feel like sharing a few thoughts on how I see the coming weeks and months waiting us, just inside the new year, -the new chapter we will start writing.

Quite a number of years have kept me busy working with many different types of organizations, preparing them to transform, to adapt to rapid changes in the external world, identify changing customer preferences and prepare for very different market dynamics overall. Because we could see it happen, see it coming.

Our conversations have often been about "what is coming", "what will happen in the future" etc. But the pace of acceleration of the many exponential technologies, combined with very impactful STEEP trends, disruptive business models of new and new and unexpected attractive alternatives to our (your) cash cows, and the changing roles for us human beings in the age of #AI, has now brought us to a new crossroad:

It's challenging to look very far into the Future of <insert your domain>. I know your focus is on how do we deal with TODAY!

The Covid-19 pandemic was a text book example (with deadly real-life consequences) of exponential growth that went from the deceptive stage to disruptive in days, if not hours. Realities changed for us all!

We have more disruption waiting ahead of us in 2023, and the time is now to decide your role in the first chapter of your "book", which is yet to be titled. Will you take a lead role? Or wait and see how others get whirled into the daily events of year 2023 before you dip your feet?

I have educators asking how to best introduce their students to AI, robotics, IoT and other technologies while the same students already submit school assignments created or cocreated by Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT3 and other models).

I have business leaders in the research industry, in healthcare, in financial services and others, asking what to do with the mostly unused data lakes that have grown along with years of digitalisation work in the organisation. What are your main uncertainties?

My New Year gift for you is a ticket to join a 5-day online transformation Sprint this January 16-20, if you are interested. The Sprint process was designed exactly to experiment our way to the best possible roadmap towards a desirable future, while navigating around the biggest roadblocks. To find answers and decide how to best take action!

Leave your email or DM me if you have been reading this far and find this proposal relevant.

I wish you a Happy New Year, a new chapter of your life and business.

-Lars Lin

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