Researching Trends

22.09.22 11:05 PM By Lars Lin Villebaek

A 'Researching Trends' Masterclass

The world changes every day. Exploring it can be an exciting learning experience—one that may even surprise you!

Most people spend most of their time dealing with internal issues and never look at what’s happening beyond their organization. Don’t be one of them!

The biggest opportunities can be found at the intersection of global challenges (problems that need to be solved), exponential technologies (which can solve these needs) and business models (which monetize and grow your organization).

This assignment sets the foundation for the rest of your Sprint -and your future. It helps you gain a strategic overview of the world’s greatest challenges along with the most important technologies that may disrupt your industry now or in the future. How is your industry already being reshaped?

By looking “outside the building” you will gain an understanding of non-traditional and disruptive business models coming into use. This "outside-in" approach helps you to leverage strong external forces rather than getting disrupted by them when you attempt to create new products or services or new businesses.

As a member of Sprinthero, you can access the assignments we use to help all Sprint participants get the most out of their short, but important research & exploration phase. Also the slides from the Masterclass below can be accessed via this link:

You are invited to watch this recording of a Trend Research Masterclass: