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When Technology+Community is key to survival
In 2001 only 4% survived sudden cardio arrest in Denmark. Today 12% of Danes survive out-of-hospital cardio arrests
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Building Community for Exponential Organizations

If only I had a community of fanatic fans, like DeWALT does...

Community & Crowd is one of the attributes described by the book (and movement) Exponential Organizations' that helps organizations to reach an abundance of contributors, users, supporters or followers without actually hiring the...

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2021 EducateforLife Sprint Kickoff
Marc Prensky's keynote at the 2021 EducateforLife Sprint Kickoff. Marc defines and promotes the opportunity we have to create a paradigm shift, moving humanity our of the 150+ years in Educational systems and into the next hundreds of years Empowered. This presentation shares how and why
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