Coronavirus is disrupting global value chains

There are ways companies can respond to the disruption. This outbreak shows the need for companies to focus on preparedness and response to risk.


Recommendation from World Economic Forum:


"Businesses should increase the visibility of value chains, shorten supply chains to be nearer to customers, leverage technologies and evaluate different scenarios."

We recommend our 2-day Sprint with Sprinthero to create and validate a response to the disruption for your business


 To offer the participating business the fastest and most effective facilitated process to create, test and validate a strategic and implementable business response to the specific disruption you are expecting or already experiencing.

Explore how COVID-19 is disrupting your industry and adjacent industries, discover how the most adaptable businesses change to the new realities (for a shorter or longer period of time).

Create multiple scenarios in teams (virtual or in-person) with external support and advice from virtual collaborators.

Test your scenarios and based on the results, turn these into an implementation plan.

 The Sprint is an intense 2-day, customised version of the 10-week ExO Transformation Sprint that you can read more about on this website and on

We apply also our experience from running 100% virtual Design Sprints (the 5-day Sprint methodology developed by Google Ventures) and offer this in combination with the best virtual collaboration technologies we can find in the market.

We have our Sprinthero Video Conference Platform (tech provided by and more tools available right now.

Schedule a time slot for your team to get your Sprint started. Our team of Coaches will be waiting for your registration below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there requirements or prerequisites  for joining The Arena program?

You must be willing to consider radical new ideas and be able to spend two full work days on the Sprint. You must have a stable internet connection that can support video conference calls. Otherwise there are no special requirements. We will send you some pre-read and video content to help you prepare yourself for our work together.

I will need an Invoice, can I have one?

Of course. An invoice will be emailed to you few days after you purchase your participation in the Sprint. If you need specific information on your invoice such as PO number, company name or similar. Email us at as soon as you made your purchase. 

What is the location?

Online, of course. Is there any other way these days?

Even if this is new to you, do not worry. We deliver these Sprints every single day!

What is the Sprint fee?

We offer a free Sprint, which is not facilitated and with no personal interactions -however your team will be able to follow step-by-step instructions here in our website.

Another option is a fully facilitated (through our video conference platform). The full cost of the facilitated 2-day program is USD 1,990, all due to be paid at time of your registration. Full amount is refunded if you decide to cancel earlier than 48 hours prior to the start time of the Sprint. We accept all major credit cards but we can email you an invoice for bank payment use as well if you prefer. Email us at if you prefer to order that way.

What are the time requirements

Preparation time: Video Content and online articles for all participants to watch and read prior to the Sprint:

2-3 hours

Day 1: Virtual work sessions with a Sprinthero Coach and participants from your organization

8 hours

Day 2: Virtual work sessions with a Sprinthero Coach and participants from your organization

8 hours

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