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    -So HR can transform the organization for a greater fit with the exponential world!
    You can join our community research, ideation, experimentation or disruption phases, or just the ones you find most relevant for your interests.

If you are in Human Resources, what will you want your role and impact to look like 2, 5 or 10 years from today?

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Sprint Schedule

The EducateforLife Sprint is a slightly extended and customized version of the ExO Sprint and is designed as an Open Innovation Community Initiative, where autonomous Sprint teams share their research, provide feedback and input to each other and co-create as well as potentially co-found new products, services, businesses or other types of initiatives. Together we are stronger! The EducateforLife Virtual Community-of-Practice will be your supportive incubator

The Sprint schedule is outlined below. Make sure to check back here for updates.


This is the high-level time line of the 10-week Sprint process. Live workshops and side sessions will each have a dedicated event page with agenda, participation details etc. 

You can join and complete the Sprint even without live participation as pitch submissions etc. are done using pre-recorded videos that will be reviewed and given feedback. 

Sprint Phase 1-6
Sprint Phase 7-12
Implementation of Initiatives
Registrations Open

You can register your participation and begin the e-learning preparation module

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Kickoff Event

Live event with Awake presentations and introductions of the participating teams as well as process briefing. Visit Event Page

Coming soon

Registrations Close

Last date for registering your participation in a Sprint team.

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Sprint Phase 1-6

Researching new realities and possibilities

Coming soon


Generation of "Edge" initiatives, that can deliver >10x value compared to existing solutions and offerings

Coming soon

SHARE Phase Part I

Define & run experiments to test key hypothesis of selected initiatives from the IDEATE phase

Coming soon

SHARE Phase Part II
Continued experimentations from the Share phase and analyze the learning.

Coming soon


Select initiatives from your larger pool of ideas and prepare a 5-minute pitch for each initiative.

Coming soon


Rehearsals and Pitch on 4th March to a Disrupt Panel for disruptive feedback. Time to pull apart your work and put it back together in more impactful ways

Coming soon

Sprint Phase 7-12

Building the first low-fidelity prototypes for use during your experimentation.

Coming soon

TEST Phase Part I

Conduct real life testing on your customer segment/end user groups, gather learning and evaluate

Coming soon

TEST Phase Part II

Continuation of Part I and refining the experiments to maximize learning.

Coming soon


Iterating the current state of each remaining initiative while continuing the work to test hypothesis.

Coming soon


Build your final presentation(s), with full roadmap and implementation plan.

Coming soon


Review of your pitch and delivery of final presentation to the EducateforLife Launch Panel. Launch workshop is 27th April 2021.

Coming soon

Implementation of Initiatives
Evaluation Period

The Selection & Launch Panel evaluates presented initiatives from 28.Apr until 2.May

Coming soon


Panel announces the selected initiatives and the selected teams receive proposal for implementation support

Coming soon


Coming soon

Implementation Starts

Incubation and implementation program begins

Coming soon

Pick Your Sprint Plan

The Sprint can be completed entirely at no cost, just with the effort of your team and feedback from the Sprinthero- & EducateforLife community. 

We can also offer you coach support (paid) and even a facilitated Sprint customized for your own organization.

Professional Coaching makes a big difference. The paid plan is often chosen by commerial or educational organizations or ambitious startup teams.

I am ready to register


  • Online Sprint assignments ready for you On-demand.
  • Supporting video content.  
  • Ask the community for feedback on your work as you progress through the Sprint.
  • You are invited to pitch at our live workshops (as long as you make it to the required Sprint phase on time). 
  • We love keeping the Sprint free of charge!
  • Great for team building, learning and engaging in the community.


  • Everything included in the Free Plan +
  • 2 hours of live, online coaching by an ExO Certified Coach per Sprint week
  • 1 live Workshop (1 hour) in each phase of the Sprint to accelerate your work
  • Pitch to impact investors (if relevant for you). We work closely with a network of ExO aware (some certified) impact investors.
  • Option: Request a tailor made EducateforLife Sprint for your own community, network or organization


How to Start or Join a Team
How does the Sprint work?
IPR, Ownership of Initiatives
Payments, Refunds
How to Start or Join a Team

How do I join a Sprint team?

Use the registration form above. You can enter a team name (your own team or a team you know) if you wish to be registered with a particular team right away. It's optional and if you come alone, you will be recommended relevant teams to visit if the team is open to accept more team members. See also 'Can I start a new team'.

Can I start a new team?

Yes, we will love if you start a new team. In the registration form, you can tell us your favourite topic or challenge to focus on in the Sprint -so others can find you based on this shared interest. You are encouraged to introduce yourself and your interests in our community App. Here is the direct link to begin a post that will be seen by our community members. It may attract new friends who want to work with you.

Can I bring my existing team?

Yes absolutely. You may be part of a Startup or a student. Either way, bring your team. You can join as a professional team too. If you want the full benefits and outcome, we recommend adding the coaching to your plan. See the Paid Sprint Plan details above here.

What if the team work..does not work out?

Your team may be full of strong opinions that cannot co-exist or perhaps you as a team did not manage to align between you on ambition level and some need to go. Make sure not just to disappear, no door slamming please. We can help facilitate a team call to support you all in the difficult conversation, that may get you all back to give it one more try. We can also help you transition out of the Sprint or into another team if you still have fuel to keep going. Never give up. Respect each other always, we are a community that work really hard to define and deploy the future. We need each other for other projects as well. Depart as friends, that's all I am saying.

Can I leave my team?

Yes you can. See also 'What if the team work does not work out'. Let one of our hosts know if you are planning to leave and we will help you in the process.

Can we ask others to leave?

See 'What if the team work does not work out". We really wish you will all give it another try and talk openly together in your usual respectful tone. This usually resolves a tense moment. Doing a Sprint is a bit intense and we are all emotional human beings. Discuss your options as a team. There is often a seat in other teams too if someone is interested in transferring.

How does the Sprint work?

How can it be free?

The free plan is our favourite, because it demonstrates what a great community is made of: plenty of contribution by everyone. Getting feedback from your tribe has tons of value and cost nothing. Not sure if it works? Try and see! Now is your chance.

How does the Sprint process work?

Well, long story. Here is a 10-minute introduction to the Sprint. Ignore that the video talks about 10 weeks. We just spend a few extra weeks as most of you do the Sprint work in your spare time.

What are the powers of this kind of Sprint?

It makes you design for the future and avoid trying to fix the past. Change your mindset while actually creating a better world for yourself and your and future generations. What's not to love about that?

Is this different from hackathons?

It does includes phases that have many similarities with hackathons -but we are about so much more. We research on the future, we get out of the building and test our hypothesis to ideas we did not have when we started the Sprint. Why not try it to learn for yourself what the differences are?

Can I bring my own project to the Sprint?

Yes, you are welcome. Ideally you may want to bring a team as well with your project but chances are somebody else in our community is interested in joining your project. You are asked to pitch your project several times during the Sprint and also write and make video content about it. If you are not willing to speak about your project in front of our community, then do not bring your project to the Sprint. Instead, work out some new initiatives that may actually be exponentially better than the project you are working on. That is the point of the Sprint.

IPR, Ownership of Initiatives

Who owns the Sprint ideas?

The Sprint team that gets the idea and puts in the effort is considered the "owner" of the idea(s). Someone once said a good idea is worth two bottles of decent wine. So don't get into a fight about an idea. Only ideas that get implemented and adopted and loved by the users and accepted by the buyers are worth discussing. EducateforLife does not own your idea or your project. If you represent a sponsor, your employer perhaps, in the Sprint, perhaps your work and what comes out of it may contractually belong to your sponsor or employer. That depends on your contract if you have one. If you later choose to accept an incubation or acceleration offer from EducateforLife at the end of the Sprint, then the offer will contain the terms proposed to you.

What if someone leaves the team?

The best practice so far has been that the person leaving a team but who still has an interest in continuing to work on an idea or initiative, shall ask the rest of the team he/she used to work with to discuss and potentially negotiate terms for doing it. The team may decide that the leaving person cannot assume any rights to the idea and should stop working on it. All Sprint teams are encouraged to agree on their own terms for these kinds of situations. The earlier the better for making the ground rules for your team. Educatefor.Life cannot be held liable for the work of a Sprint team or any conflicts or disputes arising from it.

Payments, Refunds

How do I pay for the Paid plan?

See the dedicated page for the Paid Sprint Plan. You can choose between the online payment service on this site or request an invoice you can pay through other payment processor or bank transfer that is made available by Sprinthero and EducateforLife on this site. Contact us through the live chat below or by email if you have any specific questions that are not answered here.

Can I request an invoice?


Can I get a refund?

Paid Sprint Plans can be refunded until Sprint Phase 1 starts. Full refund less the refund fees to bank or other payment processor will be completed within 5 bank days from receipt of your refund request. Refund is no longer offered once Sprint Phase 1 is started by one or more team members.

What is the fee for participating in the paid Sprint plan?

See the dedicated page for the Paid Sprint Plan above. Your organization can request a quote for a custom designed Sprint to achieve a particular desired outcome. You are not limited to the paid plan only.


What does a Coach do?

The Coach is a very important role, that can give your team external perspective, help to structure your work if needed and challenge your beliefs and plans. If you are curious to learn more about how the Coach works in the Sprint, then enjoy this video

The decision is now in your hands

Will you make your choice, take action and live with the consequences 

-or just live with the consequences of not influencing what our future shall look like?