• The hands-on way to learn how 'Exponential Organizations' operate and build your own during an ExO Sprint

    Designed for changing the mindset of your organization to thrive in the 21st century. The ExO Sprint takes 10 weeks but your organization can do the first 5-weeks if your focus is on rapid ideation and testing of new business models and strategic initiative development.
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'Exponential Organizations'

The book Exponential Organizations has been a best-seller in the business books category since it's publication in 2015 and it is required reading on thousands of boards across the world.

It is also mandatory reading for everyone participating in this ExO Sprint as the book together with the playbook 'Exponential Transformation' introduce you to the methodologies of the ExO Sprint.

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Meet The Lead Author

Salim Ismail is the Founder and Chair of Openexo.com, a global community of 7,000+ innovation & transformation experts who create customized solutions for corporations and organizations seeking to remain relevant in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Ismail travels extensively sharing a global perspective on the impact of breakthrough technologies and how organizations can leverage these disruptions to grow 10 times faster than their peers.

An Animated Introduction to the ExO Sprint Process

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Start Configuring Your Own ExO Sprint

The ExO Sprint can be configured to focus on the primary outcome you are interested in accomplishing, taking into consideration the number of participants and duration of the Sprint that you can allocate for the process. Click the button below to begin a quick configuration process to help us help setting up your Sprint.

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"A Sprint is the limited time you allow yourself to solve a problem or test a new solution"

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