Survey for ExO Coaches

Sep-Oct 2020

As Certified ExO Coaches in the OpenExO community, we all want to transform the world for a better future. Sprinthero has asked certified ExO Coachesin our network why you got certified, how you like to work and how you are (or aren’t) leveraging your certification. Our goal is to understand how we can work together as ExO Certified Coaches to generate more opportunities for the community.   The results of this survey is shared below on this page.

The survey was announced and started Sep 25. It closed for submissions on Oct 12 (original deadline was 1.October 2020). The deadline was extended to accept more entries to achieve n=50. We achieved n=49.


We are following up directly with all Coaches who shared their contact details in their survey submission.   

Thanks for your participation!
Ann Reilly and Lars Lin, Team Sprinthero

Question 1

Other reasons:

  • Both sell sprints, coach teams and learn about the ExO Framework

  • Learn but got interested in doing more while certifying.

  • When i did it I thought I'd help me go deeper on the framework, so it was out of interest and research. But I'd like to make a professional service out of it now (and I probably need your help 🙂) 

  • I wanted to know an efficient and progressive methodology to change/improve businesses.

  • I wanted to know an efficient and progressive methodology to change/improve businesses.

  • I don't have Exo coach certification

  • Coach primarily, sell secondarily. Coach through OpenExO & ExO Works etc 

  • To be clear, I did not get my certification.  Had problems with getting assignments and Internet connections througout the seminar.

Question 2

Comments added by respondent:

  • ExO Sprint is somewhat included in the value proposition we sell to our customers, it is not ExO itself

  • Involved in PurposeLaunchpad events and coaching, but not on any ExO Sprint at all

  • Participated in the Educate for life sprint as participant

  • I pitched ExO Sprints to my clients, but no actual sales happened yet.

  • Haven't sold any sprints, participated in a premium sprint as a reporter, sold a few workshops.

  • I am participating as a shadow coach for the Women4Impact Sprint Express Sept 28-Oct 2.

  • I have taken part in free challenges in various forms related to the sprint methodology. These were all rapid sprints therefore I did not select the options presented above.

  • I have been a coach for coaching certification as well, 2 times

  • I participated in ExO Consultancy certifications as assistant coach.

Question 3

Comments added by respondent:

  • I have only been a mentor coach for a team in a coaching certification - once.

  • Only during the certification (counts as 0 in the table)

  • I was alone, so I was all the time the ExO Coach, or better said the facilitator, because I have a different definition of coaching.

  • 5 paid with ExO works >20 with students at IE

  • 1 when I did the exo coach training (counts as 0 in the table)

  • When a respondent has left the answer blank, it counts as zero sprints in the table

Question 4

Comments added by respondent:

  • We haven't sold a Sprint yet as we are still in the community building stage. We have been running Awake Sessions, have conducted our first ExO Consultant Certification, and have launched our version of the ExO Workshop, which we hold over 4 weeks. We feel this will get the flywheel going. We as a company will also participate in our own Sprint with a Head Coach from the community, so that our company will have experience ourselves with the Sprint. This will allow us not only benefit from the Sprint, but also we will have the ability to sell it based on our own experience.

  • Lack of awareness of the ExO framework by my prospects and the company can’t afford to have people working 30-50% of the time on the ExO Sprint

  • Too expensive for my local market (Venezuela), tricky for my regional market but I believe not impossible yet haven't tried to sell one (LATAM).

  • Pitch, more in general sales material, is one reason. I also feel uncomfortable running it alone. Last but not least I've some doubts regarding the finality of it: not sure innovation sprints and early prototyping is the challenge I'd trough to most of my customers that need more fundamental things on strategy and digital transformation (in my view innovation comes after the company as more awareness of digital dynamics, tools and strategies, so they can actually implement new products / services instead of generating hype and then clashing against reality). I'd be super happy to see that it's just a prejudice and I'm wrong

  • a combination of answers 1 and 4; the awareness is a mateter of time, but we have great difficult with the time assignment to the project, and this extends the time it takes to run a sprint

  • Large corporates hesitant to invest time and money in Consulting focused on Future. Focus post COVID on here n now, and recovery / surviving

  • Lack of awareness - to be addressed first (done with one of my current clients), plus commitment of resources for the ExO Sprint.

  • Got involved in another project that presented because of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

  • Lack of a business case and succes stories that support the methodology

  • I think Covid has a big part to play

  • The timing has not been great - I received my certification during COVID. But this has also helped me to see other opportunities and ways to pivot a service offering.

  • I really don't want to spend time and effort in selling. Specially cold calls.

  • I did not have a good pitch as I was alone when I made the pitches. So I focused on getting a community to adopt ExO - TRAIL. We are now about 20 consultants and coaches for ExO and they had their own set of Executive Coaches with Presencing Institute certifications - Otto Schwarmer - Theory U/Iceberg.

Question 5

  • We are reaching out to educational institutions and also to industry associations so we may do Awake Sessions with them.

  • Scifi Hive

  • I've done better working with the Octalysis behavioral design framework, redesigning operations to drive engagement and community. Working on a formula I can package right now.

  • Within the exo frameworks we promote shorter versions of the sprint, awake sessions, ExO canvas, exo tech workshops, etc. Beyond this, we focus on regenerative and conscious business models and practices. Simon Sinek's "Infinite Game" has been transformative in our thinking.

  • Awake sessions focused on specific industries

  • Foresight combined with ExO framework

  • I act as a temporary Mgr leading digital programs, starting from strategy, training, people change mgt. I also launched a start-up to democratize the transition of the society to this new paradigm. Basically anyone can study and practice future jobs for free, while companies can implement projects for a very reasonable price. I plan to bring exo sprints to this format too in 1 year time

  • education, inspiration, awaking, discovering real problems inside, what is the problem?

  • lighter (remote) programs e.g. MTP session, awake session, etc.

  • ExO awareness pitches // get some success stories // run ExO Sprints

  • 1 day turbocharged ExO workshop (with ExO coaches, advisors having expertise in exo attributes as well as the client industry domain) to facilitate identification of NEW quick wins

  • ExO Workshops

  • organizational design - Autonomy, Experimentation, Purpose

  • Workshops

  • Training

  • Talks, mini awakes or workshops

  • Help social initiatives around the world there is millon of them, i have been working for free as coach in with the ideaton, i have been currently helping as ambasssador of the TOKEN RUTANIO and we are supporting them but is not enough we need a global effort for a global impact, all together are better than one alone

  • Increase awareness of the ExO framework by my prospects

  • I'm working to build awareness in my Vancouver, Canada communities, and hope through this exposure I'll find organizations that are interested in exploring/doing a sprint.

  • Awake presentations.

  • I participate in Purpose Alliance

  • Organizational culture management, change management, Intercultural management.

  • My focus is more on the skills development field rather than trying to sell sprints. I think that is more important to develop critical innovation skills and using a sprint as a way of applying the concepts into a real project (learning by doing). But the focus is more on the learning side rather than the outcome of the edge/core initiatives.

  • I'm promoting Sprint Express and Design Sprints. We're offering exo Workshops. We will create an exponential academy.

  • Acutal ExO transformation programmes. In addition to the strategy work I do with clients, I work deeply on the value chain, supply chain and internal organisation redesign in line with the strategic intent set by the business/teams. It requires deep work and takes place over a longer period of time. I feel that this additional service add requires the right skilled people as it is complex but helps companies remove waste/non value adding systems, structures, etc and improves the internal flexibility to rapidly changing environment and increasingly gets them to partner with strategic stakeholders in a better way over time.

  • Awake and Align sessions. Sprint coaching

  • cultural transformation new ways of working remote work best practices

  • training, coaching

  • My background is financial advisory/fund-raising. I am also involved with Singularity U Philippine Chapter.

  • Awake sessions

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