Introduction to the

ExO Sprint

Introduction to the

ExO Sprint

Introduction to the

ExO Sprint

Let us give you more context for the ExO Sprint before we dive into a lot of content about the ExO Sprint process.

-But first you need some high-level context for the big picture behind the '10x' and mindset of abundance principles that characterises Exponential Organizations and the Sprint process we follow to achieve both.


First, let's spend 17 more minutes with Salim Ismail, the lead author of the book Exponential Organizations, listening to his vision and Personal Massive Transformative Purpose of Fixing Civilization in this 2016 TEDxToronto talk...

Dear Sprint Participant

A warm welcome to the ExO Sprint!

Congratulations, you have been selected as a Sprint team participant in this 10-week Sprint.

Participants prior to you count leaders from global organizations such as Visa, HP, Stanley Black & Decker but also government entities, NGO's, Startups and other type of organizations.


You are in good company and will very likely meet other ExO Alumni who have been a participant in an ExO Sprint just like you are about to be.

When you read this, the teams, the Sprint sponsors and others around the project are busy preparing for the Sprint activities.

We invite you to study the material that you find included or referenced in this checklist you are inside right now.

The selected content is intended to get you introduced to the Sprint methodologies that are unique in our world of Sprints. You will be using this new knowledge during the Sprint.

We also leverage other proven methodologies for example from Lean Startup, the world of Agile and any other tool or process that can help you on your mission. We provide external links to those third party resources throughout this checklist. You may know the material very well already and if so, then you can skip and jump to next step. You may decide to stop and study the referenced content and that will be helpful for you to do in this preparation phase before the Sprint starts.

The Sprint is an intense experience but is also aiming at creating 10x more impact, 10x faster, cheaper, better etc. outcome than peer groups and competing services.

There is nothing in a caterpillar indicating that it will at some point transform into a butterfly. Similarly, you cannot imagine today what you will have created at the end of this 10 week ExO Sprint. Time will tell!

Join us with an open mind, willing to explore the process together and create new, transformative services or solutions that can solve big problems for large populations.

With Exponential Wishes for a Transformative Journey

Team Sprinthero, Powered by OpenExO

What you need to start reading...

How to Create an

Exponential Organization

"The Book"

The book Exponential Organizations has been a best-seller in the business books category since it's publication in 2015 and it is required reading on thousands of boards across the world.

It is also mandatory reading for everyone participating in this ExO Sprint. You will receive your own copy and we expect that you read or at least skim through the book before we meet for the Sprint kickoff.

Here is Salim again talking about the thesis of his book 

The 10-Week

ExO Sprint Process

ExO & Lean Startup Tools

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Get Ready

Thank you for getting this far in your preparations.


Your company Sprint Coordinator or the person inviting you to the ExO Sprint will get in touch with you with the more specific details you need such as milestone dates of the Sprint, information about your Sprint team etc. to help you get onboarded.


Former Sprint participants have been creating some material as a helpful resource for you in your  preparations for the EXO Sprint

You may also enjoy these postcards from previous ExO Sprint participants. They were created to give advice, suggestions and inspiration TO YOU!

Enjoy, see you soon!

Team Sprinthero

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