Books & videos to get yourself quickly introduced to the ExO Sprint Methodologies

Updated: Feb 17

Welcome to this collection of book references and video's that will be a helpful place to begin if you are about to get started on an ExO Sprint (Exponential Organizations) as a participant, as a sponsor or in some other role.

The ExO Sprint process and the supporting methodologies around the process all started with this book, which I naturally want to mention first. This is a must-read book as preparations for a Sprint like the transformative ExO Sprint:

Exponential Organizations -by Salim Ismail

Before sending you deep into some video content, lets also right away give you the link to the blueprint of the Sprint methodology that every Sprint participant, sponsor and Sprint supporters should keep nearby at all times before and during a Sprint:

Exponential Transformation -by Francisco Palao, Michelle LaPierre and Salim Ismail (with 200+ ExO community contributors incl. the Sprinthero founder):

The Future is Faster Than You Think -by Peter Diamandis

These books are all available on Kindle or in major online book outlets. Sprinthero does offer Sprint book bundles, that include also the following books that are strongly recommended to read as well prior to a Sprint:

Abundance -by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler

The Fourth Industrial Revolution -by Klaus Schwab

There are other books we recommend to read and Sprinthero can offer to ship the Sprint book bundle in the right quantities to your Sprint teams.

Next, here follow some video's to watch in this order to give you context for the ExO Sprint, what the powers of the Sprint are and how you can best leverage the activity.

List of articles

We also invite you to the Sprinthero Experimentarium, a resource section of our website. The Experimentarium is only accessible to Sprinthero clients (once a client you will be able to access it on this website).

For the preparations of the Sprint, our Coach team will give you the thorough introductions to the ExO Sprint methodologies and the Sprint also begins with a 1-day workshop where you experience a highly accelerated Sprint process in just one day before we start working on your business in the Sprint.

When considering who to invite for your Sprint teams, have a look at this introductory articleæk-岚巍/?published=t and we will be happy to work with you on reviewing your plans for team constellations.

At Sprinthero, we wish you the best of luck on your exponential journey through the ExO Sprint and beyond!

Team Sprinthero


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