Designing Sprint Teams, That Can Build Exponential Organizations

In the Global Transformation Ecosystem OpenExO, we have now run Transformational Sprints with industry leaders such as P&G, Visa, TD Ameritrade, hp, Stanley Black & Decker, InterProteccion and more, who have all been involving minimum 20-25 leaders from each of their organisations to collaborate on changing the mindset of the organization (away from scarcity and into abundance), who have each been growing new skillsets as individuals and as teams and also been developing and validating new initiatives to be turned into Exponential Organizations (ExO).

The process has surfaced a list of guiding questions, that can be helpful for you to consider when you get to the situation of preparing your organization for transformation. More specifically: a list of questions to guide you when you Design Sprint Teams for Your ExO Sprint!

This article is now ready for you if you are considering how to staff your Sprint teams for your own ExO Sprint.æk-岚巍/

We will be happy to support you through this process.

Let us know any questions you have.

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