Elon Musk and the trip to Space

This blog post is content reposted from the Sprinthero SprintEngine, used in the ExO Sprint Week 8 (of 10), the week where initiatives begin to take form and shape as 10x type of initiatives.

There is innovation in transportation too like in so many other industries. Today we can fly around our planet while dining and being entertained -but this has certainly not always been the case. The big question however is 

WHAT could be possible today if we had not been limiting our own beliefs in what is achievable? If we stopped listening to the experts (of what was possible in the past) and started building through experimentation?

Perhaps we could be on the way to Mars now -or at least space could be accessible to everyone who desired to experience space? At least self-driving cars do no longer seem as crazy as it did some years ago, right? 

Even though it can take many years and the crossing of many obstacles to achieve our dreams, Educatefor.Life our community to design the future of Education has a strong vision of a better future through an exponentially better educational approach. We also have many telling us the educational systems are hard to change and that that it is crazy to not put our kids into a traditional class room.

Like Elon, we decided a while ago that we are taking on these challenges against the odds. We are doing it -and since you are reading this, you are an important part of our community and our journey together.

Let's take a few minutes out to listen to Elon Musk and his work to improve transportation and entirely redefining what transportation is. While listening to Elon in this interview from back in 2012, try to connect yourself to YOUR MTP and what you want to achieve in the coming months and years.

Since the successful capsule launch in 2012, Elon took many more steps to commercialise spaceflight. One major obstacles was to radically reduce cost of the lifting rockets. He has now achieved major breakthroughs in this phase by reusing the rockets which is possible because SpaceX can now land the booster rockets such as this Falcon Heavy:

Now is time to look at your own data, your own plans to achieve radically better education (better, cheaper, more accessible etc. etc. or other metrics of important to you).

What are your goals? What are your obstacles? Once you have analysed your data for running next round of experiments in your continuous development, you can move to the next assignment stage, which is now open for you.

Once this assignment is completed, you can move forward to the Assemble stage, where you will prepare your final presentation for the Launch Workshop.

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