ExO Sprints are by nature community activities. Here is a case study for you

Since early 2016, Lars Lin has been delivering the 10-week ExO Sprints that are used to lead existing organizations through rapid experimentation with new business models, exponential technologies and achieve transformation and a new mindset of abundance.

These Sprints have been sold on a 1-on-1 basis, client after client -so what is the title all about? community activity?

At Sprinthero, we have specialised in community building and short - & longterm transformation work around a particular Massive Transformative Purpose -or initially maybe just an objective to transform a particular problem space, industry or accomplish a particular outcome as a community of organizations and individuals.

We have grown extensive experience in the art and science of building community and drive transformational activities across stakeholders by using Sprints, workshops, meet-ups and other activities to drive paradigm shifts in company cultures and in ecosystems.

See as example this experience-sharing session from 20.February 2020 with some of the https://educatefor.life community members discussing the learnings from our 2019 EducateforLife Sprint to design the Future of Education.

The 2020 Sprint starts in February 2020. Visit the community website above to learn more.

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