Four Hard Working Sprint Teams Getting Close to the Finish Line

The last of 10 ExO Sprint weeks is not an easy one! The many and massive up's & down's of such a transformation Sprint can be felt by everyone in the Sprint teams, who are working on solving significant global challenges in new way by use of the ExO methodologies, a mindset of abundance, a 4,000+ strong community around us and early adopters in the market.

But the teams are dedicated to fight every remaining minute to get to our finish line, the Launch Workshop that marks the end of the Sprint.

We stopped calling it a Final Workshop -because it is actually the beginning of transformation and the Launch of new innovative and sometimes disruptive initiatives that outperform the market or the old ways of doing things by at least 10x!

Looking forward to the Launch -and to evaluate our Sprint together as a Sprinthero team: Ann Reilly, Younis Hijazi, Tony Manley and Lars Lin Villebaek! Great job everyone!

Thank you also to the many advisors and the ExO Disruptors Francisco Palao and Forrist Tanner Lytehaause for working with us.

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