John Hagel on Learning Communities -The Journey Ahead

Now, more than ever, we need to learn faster. In a rapidly changing world, learning becomes a key driver of survival, not to mention success. But it’s a very different form of learning from the one we experienced in school or in our training programs – that learning is about sharing existing knowledge. That can be helpful but, in a rapidly changing world, keep in mind that existing knowledge becomes obsolete at an accelerating rate.
In this kind of world, the most valuable form of learning is creating new knowledge through action and by working together. How do we do that? We need to find ways to come together and participate in communities – but they’re a very different form of community than the ones that most of us know today.
Communities of interest

This is the beginning of John Hagel recent blog post, which goes into one of our specialties at Sprinthero and perhaps the single biggest business model innovation opportunity in most industries: creating community around your purpose, your initiative, your business.

Enjoy Johns blog via this link

and you can afterwards visit for example, a home grown global Virtual Community of Practice (VCoP) that works to design (and implement) new paradigms for the future of Education.

At Sprinthero, we are happy to have a conversation with you about HOW you can do something similar -and the impact it can have on the world around you and your business.

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