Yes, Sprints can be 100% online!

For years we have been hearing even digital natives claim that Sprints have to be done in-person...

Although we always offer in-person workshops during both short and long sprints, everything CAN be completed entirely online if you are open to do it.

More and more organizations employ remote team members and they obviously collaborate virtually every single day. Awesome communication and collaboration tools are available -in many cases entirely free of charge.

We ran a 12-week Educatefor.Life Sprint in first quarter of 2019 and there were NO in-person elements at all. It was all done virtually with over 200 involved people from 16+ countries. Most of them had never worked together before -and some had never worked virtually with others.

Here is the ultra fast version of the final launch workshop we ran (online) on May 7, 2019.

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