New Travel Checklist

We are happy to announce our new addition to the Sprint processes in our SprintEngine, the Travel Checklist.

It may sound trivial and not necessary but reality is, that if you are close to the Sprint launch date and need to bring in staff from multiple locations, you cannot afford to loose time.

Collect all relevant ID, travel itineraries and other data once -so the Info is available to the travel agent, the local ground transportation coordinator and the workshop event organisers -without having to go back to your staff repeatedly to ask for more information.

In few clicks, you will have started the automated process of collecting all relevant travel data from everyone involved in your Sprint.

Try it next time you need to bring in contributors to an Awake Workshop, Disrupt, Launch or any other workshop. If you came this far in our post, we want to show you our appreciation by offering you free Travel Checklists, as many as you need. All you need is a free Sprinthero account.

Safe Travels!


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