The Great Coronavirus Reset: Five New Bretton Woods Institutions For 21st Century’s Exponential Chal

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Five Exponential Challenges of the 21st Century:

As we enter the third decade of the 21stCentury, the world faces no smaller giants than the Five Global Challenges that will define the next 80 years due to the nature of their exponential growth, and the tipping points they will push our planet towards.

1.    Prosperity and the future of work 

2.    Planetary Health 

3.    Health and Wellness 

4.    Future of Learning 

5.    Governance

Extract from 5. Governance: Exponential Organizations

Institutions built in the 20th century were built with linear tools – top down structures, powerpoint-driven linear meetings, large centralized office headquarters. Are these really the institutions we wish to return to, when the world demands greater agility, responsiveness and flexibility in an ever more complex world.

The 21st Century will be defined by radically new institutions – ones that work for both our minds and our hearts. For example, why can we not use Artificial Intelligence that uses satellite imagery and individually identifies polluters to then issue automatic fines. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, algorithms and the wisdom of crowds are all technologies that need to define the institutions that will shape the 21st Century. 

There is also the need to radically increase the scope of compassionate institutions who can demonstrate greater trust and empathy with citizens around the world.

These types of organizations were named ‘Exponential Organizations’ by author and entrepreneur Salim Ismail. Just as our challenges today (such as the COVID-19 virus) has spread exponentially, we need exponential organizations – not linear organizations – that can also rapidly scale to meet these new demands. 

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