Why Your Organization Needs an ExO Sprint

Craig Terblanche, member of the https://openexo.com community, has written this blog post that introduces the importance of ExO Sprints.

You may think you have time to catch up on innovation, -but in fact you don't. Check out the article below to read more about the unnoticed shift that happens in many exponential technologies simultaneously from the deceptive stage to the disruptive impact -and how this impact our world, our businesses and our business models.

What is your response to the disruption of your industry?

Have a look at what an ExO Sprint can do for you and your business in this blog post.

The ExO Sprint is a ten-week process of coaching organizations on how to apply exponential thinking and the practices that generate accelerated growth. The sprint goal is to take an organization two years ahead in only ten weeks.
The ExO Sprint demonstrates to organizations that the path to exponential growth includes the adoption of disruptive technologies, entrepreneurship and an abundance mindset with the MTP as the “north star”.

Link to the article


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