Zoom Cloud recordings take longer to process

Zoom.us is in our opinion the best video conference platform in the market -and a great fit for us.

It seems a huge growing number of users think the same way.

Zoom and other platforms grow their user numbers extremely fast these days due to the Corona pandemic as we all are currently facing an "online-only" way of collaborating.

The Zoom team is working hard to keep the great user experience but these days, you may experience longer processing time for cloud recordings.

If you need instant access to a recording of your call, we recommend you record locally and not in the cloud. However you are always welcome to record to our cloud storage as a user of the Sprinthero Zoom platform.

We trust the service level from Zoom will return to the normal high level -but we have not detected any issues in the use of Zoom calls and kindly ask you to leave some feedback in our exit form if you detect any abnormalities.

Wishing you a continued safe and effective use our our Zoom rooms!


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