ExO Shipping Challenge

Today's world presents many global, urgent problems that are best solved at industry level, in international collaboration!
New tools are required to continuously tackle new type of problems!

July 20th: ExO World:Now Conference:

July 22nd: Ideation & Creating Solutions

July 23rd: Pitching & Planning Next Steps

3-Day Interactive Problem-Solving Event

Join to create new high-impact initiatives you can pitch to your own organization

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Food Waste

Across Supply Chains

Crew Safety


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Frequently asked questions


What are the requirements or prerequisites for participating?

You are either associated with a business such as a shipping company, logistics or other business interested in the future of Shipping. You can also be a student about to enter the job market. If you are a Startup with competencies, technologies or other relevant reasons to join this challenge then please also request an invitation. You must be willing however to consider radical new ideas and be able to spend two full work days in the workshop. You will also have a ticket included to the ExO World event on July 20th. You must have a stable internet connection that can support video conference calls. Otherwise there are no special requirements. We will send you some pre-read and video content to help you prepare yourself for our work together.

What is the time commitment for participants?

Preparation time: Video Content and online articles for all participants to watch and read prior to the Sprint: 2-3 hours Day 1: Participate in the ExO World event on July 20. Visit the event page here Day 2: Virtual work sessions in teams with moderator and Sprinthero Coach: Minimum 6 hours Day 3: Virtual work sessions in teams with moderator and Sprinthero Coach. Presentations for feedback by each team: Approx 6 hours
We plan team compositions according to time zones to avoid too early/too late sessions

How are the sessions scheduled to work with the many time zones?

The Shipping Challenge event is scheduled to give the teams work slots inside of normal office hours -both for asia and americas based participants. All keynotes are recorded and made available to participants who are in different time zones. Video calls with relevant stakeholders/advisors as part of the Shipping Challenge may happen outside of your own time zone, ie meetings with government officials or others who are making themselves available for discussions. The event takes time zone differences into account but please be flexible and understanding if some sessions go outside of your normal office hours

How do I get a ticket?

You can request an invitation on this page. When ticket sales begin, you can purchase tickets on this page or order a sponsorship package that includes tickets for your organization. If your company is sponsoring this Shipping Challenge then you may get your ticket from your company directly (electronic tickets issued by Sprinthero)





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