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The 2023 Open Innovation Sprint

Is where professional teams come together for 5 days (24/5) in an online Collective Intelligence collaboration to solve grand challenges.

You can submit challenges for the teams to solve, or join a team working on a focus area of your interest.

January 16-20, 2023

You can participate regardless of the industry or problem space you work in. 

The duration of your Sprint depends on the outcome you want to accomplish.

The Sprint process is modular, and you can choose only to participate in the modules that are relevant for accomplishing your goals.

Your assigned Virtual Coach will help you pick & plan the Sprint modules that are right for accomplishing your goals. The below is for inspiration:

Some of What You Can ​Accomplish

Discover Trends & New Realities

Through Awakening sessions and collective, crowd sourced research, we work together to discover the new realities of your industry, of the adjacencies that are happening unnoticed by your organization, and we dive into exponential technologies  such as blockchain, Web3, AI, Robotics and much more, to understand how our world is changing, so you can leverage new opportunities.

Bring your leadership team and your board along with your Sprint team !

Rapid Development of Product Ideas

A Sprint is the fastest way to any type of product or service concept, whether you aim for Horizon, 1, 2 or 3 type of initiatives, 10x moonshots and new approaches to digitalisation or transformation of your business. New startups can start here too!

Experience the powers of our collective intelligence and resourcefulness, as you partner up with a global community of innovators.

Set New Transformative Goals

You should be aware of the probable future scenarios for your business or institution/organization. Prepare yourself to set big goals and make bold decisions.

Leverage the organisational powers of having a Massive Transformative Purpose that can drive open ecosystem innovation and bring a community of like-minded followers along with you on your journey!

 Learn from doing it, in this Sprint!

Grow New Capabilities & Mindset

Change is hard and requires a great deal of persistence from everyone involved, but also an organisational mindset as well as individual mindsets that inspire, lead and support new ways of working together. This Sprint is able to help Sprint teams grow over 20 skill sets and capabilities (in the 10-week version) that you will definitely appreciate in the years to come.

Tell us what you want to accomplish, and we will design the Sprint for you to grow!

How the Sprint Works

Visit our sister website for more details:

Sprint Process Explained

Sprint Attributes
​​It's how Exponential Organizations work too. You will (hopefully) never go back to the old ways of working!

Open Innovation

Experience the powers you can access, when crowdsourcing challenges from your own desk, or new ideas you  could benefit from exploring with others.

Tap into our Collective Intelligence.

Respectful Collab

Enjoy a respectful,  supporting Sprint environment, that empowers everyone who participate. Come try it and tell us how it was for you!

Powerful Online Collaboration Tools

The best of the best virtual collaboration tools make it a seamless experience to accomplish significant breakthroughs together, even as we are each located around the planet. Time to put to peace the urge to fly people to your meeting room. It's not needed anymore!

Implementable Outcome

This is not a training exercise (although you are welcome to use it as such), it is a co-creation process that ensures you leave with tangible, peer-reviewed strategies, plans, roadmaps, that you can put to work right away. Of course based on your new insights into the future, that is already here.

Your Team Can Participate Regardless of Industry

”We're not just here just for the fun or for the ideas, we're here to change the company.”

”It's changing how we think and how we look at innovation. And what I see here is really different from all the innovation that we did up until now, and we did a lot. It will definitely bring and yield some new opportunities.”

”We have been able to internalize all of the ExO attributes and the agility of the Sprint methodology, -and we can apply it in our business.”

”The personal discovery about myself and people I work with was a huge takeaway, I've grown a lot in just the past few weeks.”

”The most changing weeks of my life. I can't wake up and think the same as I used to before. I learned to let go of regret, I learned to cut an idea and let it go.”

”This is totally transformative. Like drinking

from the firehose. I got to meet people across the depth of the culture, this was outstanding.”