• Sharpen Your Coaching Skills

    Coaching is one of the most important 21st century skills for leaders in a world 
    that is changing at an accelerating pace. 

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    An OpenExO Coach Certification is required to join!

    The Coach Arena
    15-weeks Advanced Coach Training Program

    Individual assignments such as offline review of Sprint team research, give feedback to Sprint teams on their Ideate assignments, be a disruptor for a day by hearing real-time recorded team pitches, record your disruptor feedback and hear what other disruptors in the actual real-life Disrupt Workshops said to the teams. 

    Explore how to apply 10x thinking in Sprint week 6-10 as an ExO Coach and discover many of the challenges you can face from client executives that need to deliver on operational metrics while you are trying to introduce innovation accounting. How can you make these ends meet? This and much more is covered during this 15 week program, which we call The ExO Coach Arena.

    This ExO Coach Arena Training Program is included in the Coach Companion Membership 

    Next Cohort starts 3.May 2021

Resources The ExO Coach Arena

Objectives of this Program

Advanced Training

The program offers the participants the best and most realistic, immersive, practical training in delivering the role of an ExO Coach. This is the advanced extension that builds on your OpenExO Coach Certification.

Spot the Challenges

Get exposed to real-life Sprint challenges, to different work cultures and commonly seen conditions of organizations who are going through the 10-week ExO Transformation Sprint.

Decision Making

Never get stuck again with your Sprint team. Practice the art and skill of making hard decisions fast and keep moving forward, also when you face critical roadblocks.

Join the Coach Directory

Having completed the ExO Coach Arena program, you qualify to be listed as an official Sprinthero Coach and will be able to offer your services to organizations worldwide

You will be working in a virtual training environment, that allow for making mistakes and trying out multiple coaching scenarios in real-time interventions.​

Carol Wong
Founder & CEO, innothink Advisory

"I like the opportunity to interact with the participants of The Coach Arena training program.  The weekly thought provoking discussions provided me with the opportunity to learn from others and to share ideas with others.  Lars shared with us a lot of real world ExO coaching challenges and approaches to overcoming coaching challenges."

Lead Trainer: Lars Lin Villebaek

Meet Lars in this interview and review some of the many Sprint projects that are being documented on an ongoing basis and published here:


Join the Welcome Session

You will receive invitation to the welcome and introduction session within 48 hours from signing up.

We look forward very much to have you join us!

Topics covered in 
The Arena Program

  • Powerful Use Cases for ExO Sprints, the best challenges to solve for your client!
  • Planning an ExO Sprint to solve the identified challenges
  • Executive Coaching in the ExO context
  • What we found useful from the best Coaching practices globally -for ExO Sprints
  • Pre-Sprint preparations, get your team(s) ready
  • An Awakening -that keeps them all awake and alert
  • Exploration & Research: what the experts never learned
  • Ideation: the Moonshot thinking -and how to apply it
  • How to get 10x better experimentation results in the Sprint
  • Get beamed into real, historical Disrupt Workshops -and sit "right next to" the disruptors. Give your own disruptive feedback and discover what you (maybe) missed 
  • Rapid prototyping -and how Bitdefender accelerated the original prototyping work by at least 25%.
  • The art and science of pitching to senior executives and board members
  • Get full insights from your Sprint evaluation. How to maximize learning for the next Sprints
  • Positioning your coaching value for Post-Sprint work
  • Reviewing your ExO Coach Toolbox

Coaching methodologies

Coaching has delivered high impact for centuries. We cherry-pick what we find most useful for your personal ExO Coach toolbox and help you practice it during this program.

The ExO Sprint in the X-ray machine

We bring you into a detailed analysis of how to prioritize and structure your Sprint activities for maximum impact in relation to the scope of the Sprint. Bring your own real-life opportunity if you like and work on it as a case.

Delivering the ExO Sprint

Be the Sprinthero in every interaction throughout the Sprint. We equip you with ready-to-use facilitation guidelines, practical exercises and content you can bring to your client when -or just before- they most need it.

Action & Implementation

How to avoid innovation theater. It's like trying to quit smoking or loosing weight. Without changing habits, things go back to where we started in no time. Make the results stick. Experiment with best practices & next practices for remaining the Sprinthero for your client.

Get to study different approaches to make internal ExO Sprint announcements in client organizations

We have seen some pretty mindblowing ways of engaging large organizations, making the Sprint the most cool new project to get involved in. We have also formed our opinions on what happens if you try to sneak the Sprint silently into an organization (to avoid drama if the Sprint fails to deliver). We show you all this and more..