Sharpen Your Coaching Skills!

Coaching is one of the most important skills for leaders and anyone working to make positive impact in a world that changes at an accelerating pace.

Coach Exponential Organizations as a Sprinthero!

The Coach Companion Program


Advanced Training

The program offers the participants highly realistic, immersive, practical training in delivering in the role of an ExO Coach. This is the advanced extension that builds on your OpenExO Coach Certification.

The program covers all the stages of the ExO Sprint from scoping a Sprint together with the client, though the Pre-Sprint preparations to the Sprint execution and Post-Sprint implementation.

You also get to work with OKR (Objectives & Key Results) as well as other relevant methodologies and frameworks of importance to innovative organizations.

Spot the Challenges

Get exposed to most common as well as the hardest real-life Sprint challenges you can encounter as a Coach during ExO Transformation Sprints.

We have built a top-10, which you will practice together with us, and which are often very solid selling points for organizations who consider how to best benefit from working with ExO Coaches.

Gain practical experience for managing the continuous, situational adjustments of the Sprint team assignments in the context of the scope of the process.

Decision Making

Never get stuck again with your Sprint team. Practice the art and skill of making hard decisions fast and keep moving forward, also when you face critical roadblocks.

Learn How to maximise the traction and outcome during the Exploration & Research, during Moonshot Ideation, how to accomplish real validation/invalidation during Experimentation, Pitching for disruptive feedback during the Disrupt Workshop (and later in the process, pitching for sponsorship and funding), Best practices for rapid prototyping (and what we learned from the masters) , and finally how to coach executives to choose a balanced portfolio of ExO initiatives, building a roadmap for them and build the implementation teams.

Join the Coach Directory

Having completed the ExO Coach Companion program, you qualify to be listed as an official Sprinthero Coach, where you can opt-in to being introduced to clients for transformation project work.

Our clients operate in many different domains. All of them are committed to their transformation journeys and we are committed to coach them. Are you onboard too?


To apply and participate in the ExO Coach Companion Program, you must:

  • Have successfully completed the ExO Coach Certification from Openexo. (If you are not yet certified, you can visit Openexo here and click on Certifications to learn more)
  • Be able to complete and submit/present the assignments you will be given as part of this program. You can choose between different levels of engagement and participation. To qualify for the Coach Directory, you must complete the live program track. There is also an On-Demand track with no live sessions (but you will be invited to a live kickoff session).
  •  Process the full program fee payment before the start date of the program. We offer a full money-back guarantee within the first 3 week after program start, if the program does not meet your expectations.

Carol Wong
Founder & CEO, innothink Advisory

"I like the opportunity to interact with the participants of The Coach Arena training program.  The weekly thought provoking discussions provided me with the opportunity to learn from others and to share ideas with others.  Lars shared with us a lot of real world ExO coaching challenges and approaches to overcoming coaching challenges."

Topics covered in 
The Arena Program

Coaching methodologies

Coaching has delivered high impact for centuries. We cherry-pick what we find most useful for your personal ExO Coach toolbox and help you practice it during this program.

The ExO Sprint in the X-ray machine

We bring you into a detailed analysis of how to prioritize and structure your Sprint activities for maximum impact in relation to the scope of the Sprint. Bring your own real-life opportunity if you like and work on it as a case.

Delivering the ExO Sprint

Be the Sprinthero in every interaction throughout the Sprint. We equip you with ready-to-use facilitation guidelines, practical exercises and content you can bring to your client when -or just before- they most need it.

Action & Implementation

How to avoid innovation theater. It's like trying to quit smoking or loosing weight. Without changing habits, things go back to where we started in no time. Make the results stick. Experiment with best practices & next practices for remaining the Sprinthero for your client.

Get to study different approaches to make internal ExO Sprint announcements in client organizations

We have seen some pretty mindblowing ways of engaging large organizations, making the Sprint the most cool new project to get involved in. We have also formed our opinions on what happens if you try to sneak the Sprint silently into an organization (to avoid drama if the Sprint fails to deliver). We show you all this and more..