Resources page

1. The 9 steps to building community for Exponential Organizations

Based on this 2017 article -let's make a community design in year 2021 

with the technologies and methodologies we now have available!

Open article

Recording of the live session on 15.Sep 2021:

2. Planet Pilots: The ExO Case Introduction Video

3. MTP and other motivational factors explained

Motivational factors to participate in a virtual community
Courtesy: Charlotte Wieder

The case of Educatefor.Life

4. ExO Canvas for designing the ExO Community

We are co-creating the desired community for -and around- the Planet Pilots in the ExO Canvas below.

For your own cases: here is your ExO Canvas Template

This canvas template is based on the original ExO Canvas co-created by the community.

When you create a new ExO Canvas from this page, you accept to be using a version modified by Sprinthero in various ways.

Create ExO Canvas in