Resources page

1. The 9 steps to building community for Exponential Organizations

Based on this 2017 article -let's make a community design in year 2021 

with the technologies and methodologies we now have available!

Recording of the live session on 15.Sep 2021:

2. Planet Pilots: The ExO Case Introduction Video

3. MTP and other motivational factors explained

Motivational factors to participate in a virtual community
Courtesy: Charlotte Wieder

The case of Educatefor.Life

4. ExO Canvas for designing the ExO Community

You can create yours for your community in an ExO Canvas template. Enjoy!

For your own cases: here is your ExO Canvas Template

This canvas template is based on the original ExO Canvas co-created by the community.

When you create a new ExO Canvas from this page, you accept to be using a version modified by Sprinthero in various ways.